• Taiyo Tabi Japanese Socks Sakura White

TABI SOCKS or split-toe socks have been worn in Japan since the sixteenth century, reaching their peak during the Edo period (1600-1868). They were developed to wear with sandals & wooden clogs called geta. There is a special place for your big toe. Also called ninja socks. Lots of people wear Tabi socks; people who practice Japanese martial arts like Aikido and Karate wear Tabi socks as do Taiko drummers, actors and traditional Japanese folk dancers. According to Shiatsu theory, wearing Tabi socks benefits the back, the spine, and the digestion due to the acupuncture meridians located between the toes.

Cherry blossom design, Taiyo brand

Designed in Montreal, Canada

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Taiyo Tabi Japanese Socks Sakura White

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